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Doctors application

Coming soon

A platform for oncologists that contains advanced tools specifically designed for the specialty.

Patients application

Coming soon

An application that creates a complete health folder for each cancer patient.

Labs application

Coming soon

A new way to achieve interoperability between patients, doctors and medical laboratories.

Updates and news

UX and functionality research

June, 2017

We started a systematic investigation of users (patients and doctors) and their needs/requirements, in order to design the best possible user experience, providing at the same time multiple benefits throughout the healthcare community.

Final system functionality

June, 2018

After a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods, including (many!) interviews with users and usability studying and testing we came to the final form of system functionality.

Backend and functionality test

March, 2019

Backend and basic functionality that creates doctor-patient data sharing proper function tested in production environment.

App content test

March, 2019

We created a test user interface for the doctors web app, in order to evaluate the system's content.

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